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On May 18, the Museum of Military Glory of the RIAT celebrated the International Museum Day with a significant event – the opening of a traveling exhibition "Fighters and commanders of the 4th Division of the People's Militia of the Kuibyshev district in the Battle for Moscow"

As it was a joint project: the scientific content and artistic decisions were developed by the museum staff; organizational and financial issues were resolved by the Autonomous non-profit organization "Community Descendants of the Moscow Militia in The Great Patriotic War".
The poem "On the approaches to Moscow" was read at the beginning of the event by a 2nd year student Roman Bordiyan. It was written by Pavel Zheleznov, a militia member of the "writer's company" of the People's Militia 8th division from the Krasnopresnensky district of Moscow.
The moderator of the first part of the event was Galina Lyamina, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Vocational Education for educational, social and career guidance.

The exhibition’s opening ceremony began with a welcoming speech by the first Vice-rector of the RIAT, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Vladimir Pityukov. He told about the history of the museum's creation. about the initiative of The Khimki militia member’s son of Yuri Yanovsky put forward an initiative and it was supported by the Rector of the RIAT Evgeny Trofimov.
The opening day of the exhibition is considered to be the date of the museum's creation – May 7, 2019. The museum has achieved significant results for four years. One of them is the publication The Book of Memory "Let's remember everyone by name", published in the year of the People's militia creation and the Battle for Moscow 80th anniversary.

A large delegation from the Moscow City Duma came to the exhibition opening. Its deputy Andrey Titov made a welcoming speech. The community of descendants of the Moscow militia has been actively implementing the Moscow City Duma's "Memory of the Moscow People's Militia" program for several years, under which various projects aimed at preserving historical memory are funded: installation of monuments and memorials, promotion of the of school museums development, publishing projects, trips to the places of battles of militia divisions and others. One of the numerous projects of the program is the opened exhibition. Andrey Mikhailovich emphasized its mobility, designed to carry historical information to schools, museums, libraries. He presented to the museum a selection of books released as part of the program.

The exhibition took place due to the effective assistance of the coordinator the Moscow militia descendants communities Popov Artem who was the curator of the project. In his speech, He mentioned the importance of preserving memory for future generations.
The patriotic topis unites representatives of various structures and public organizations. Shalygina Vera, Secretary of the United Council of the People's Militia Moscow Committee of War Veterans, head of the Regional Children's public Organization "Pamyat Serdza" spoke about this.

The first tour of the traveling exhibition will be conducted by activists from Museum of Military Glory of the RIAT, students of the Faculty of SVE: Efremova Polina, Denis Nazarov, Lyubov Zinovieva, Anna Lyabina, Ksenia Shmeleva, Stepanchuk Egor.
The opening ceremony of the exhibition was finished by the song "You are my hope, you my Joy" (poems by Nikolai Dobronravov, music by Alexandra Pakhmutova), performing by a 1st-year student Kolmakova Varvara.

The round table «The militia of Moscow left in the forty-first so that there was a forty-fifth», the second part of the event, was held in the reading room; the moderators were the director of the Museum of Military Glory RIAT Imennova Lyubov and Artem Popov.
Irina Poltavets, Head of the Information and Bibliographic Department of the Moscow City Duma, coordinator of the program "Memory of the Moscow People's Militia" spoke about the significant results of its implementation.
The speeches of the militia families representatives: Ryzhov Nikolai Mikhailovich, Sinyatkin Dmitry Igorevich were as well touching and interesting.
New information about the militia and the militia was presented by Khimki local historians: Natalia Volkova ("The militia from the village of Nazarievo Vasily Kharlampovich Melnikov and his descendants"), Nina Mochalova ("Contribution of Khimki residents to Victory: 1941-1945"), Shcherban Alla ("The militia from Pikino are my relatives") and others.
The round table was finished by the speech of museum activists, students of the Faculty of Secondary Vocational Education: Stepanchuk Egor and Shmeleva Ksenia on the topic "The newspaper "For the Motherland" as an informational source: 84th Guards Rifle Division in the Battle of Orel-Kursk". This and another reports were presented at the VI International Student Scientific and Practical Forum "The current state of the infosphere of cultural institutions", April 5, 2023 on the basis of the Orel State Institute of Culture. Certificates of participation were officially presented to Stepanchuk Egor, Shmeleva Ksenia, Lyubov Zinovieva and Denis Nazarov.

Vladimir Voblikov, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Tourism Management, veteran of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, member of the Council of the Museum of Military Glory of the RIAT summarized the results. The conclusion was logical: the feat of the militia will live as long as the memory of them is alive. The task of preserving memory, maintaining its effectiveness in the present is our common cause.

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