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Hello everyone, my name is Vladislav. I am a postgraduate student and would like to tell you about my experience of studying in Italy under the double degree program of RIAT - University of Milano Bicocca. After graduating from the bachelor's degree, I wanted to continue my studies in the master's program, and after learning about this opportunity, I immediately agreed. The dean's office helped me complete the documents, and now I'm flying to meet the unknown. The Academy provides an opportunity for each student to receive a scholarship on a competitive basis, which covers all costs. I think that this is a very valuable experience and I managed to get it.

Italy is a country of contrasts, and Milan is no exception. While studying, I got a unique opportunity to live in the heart of Italy, get acquainted with the local cuisine of the Lombardy region, as well as get an education in one of the largest universities not only in Milan, but throughout Italy.
It was impossible to do without travel. During this time, I visited all the important cities in Italy and traveled around the country in a circle. It turned out that each region of Italy lives a special life. Life in Naples just amazed me. I also visited several French cities such as Paris, Lyon, Dijon. Walked along the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. I was able to visit various art galleries, and even get to the Six Nations Rugby Cup match.
We lived in a comfortable hostel within walking distance from the university. Nearby were various grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants and cafes, and even a shopping center with a huge selection of clothing stores for every taste. I lived in a hostel with a neighbor, he is from India. We became very good friends during this time, managed to tell each other about our cultures, discuss interesting things, learned how to cook national dishes. We had Italian neighbors who told us how to cook Italian dishes.
The university has "free" education. And yet there are subjects where they look at attendance - it all depended on us! Classes started at nine in the morning. The pair lasted one and a half - two hours with a five-minute break. Usually the study day took up to six hours with a break for lunch.

Assignments are only in practical classes, homework is not given and not checked - this is your responsibility.
I believe that the knowledge of languages in our time is an integral part of life, and this is a very important skill, acquiring which, you will use it all your life. At work, in life, and in travel. Knowing languages gives you the opportunity to make friends all over the world, learn something new every time and never stop! Learn languages! It will give you unforgettable emotions!

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